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Naked Pearls is a jewellery boutique specialising solely in pearls based in Melbourne, Australia. Our jewellery is made from the bare beauty of freshwater cultured pearls. At Naked Pearls we celebrate people’s individuality; we believe that everyone is unique and special in their own way and that this should be embraced, celebrated and shared.

At Naked Pearls we believing in helping others. For every jewellery purchased, we will be gifting three meals to a person in need through Stop Hunger Now.

Qualities of Pearls

The 4 S's of pearls

The four key characteristics of pearls which determine their quality.



This is also known as lustre and is the amount of light that the pearl reflects. The better the nacre quality of the pearl the more brilliant the shine and reflection.


Pearls come in a variety of shapes such as button, tear drop and baroque shapes. Perfectly round pearls are the rarest and most valuable. 


As pearls are formed organically, they naturally have blemishes and marks. These blemishes are caused when a drifting particle enters a mollusc and brushes against the pearl as it forms. Pearls with fewer blemishes and marks are of higher quality and more valuable. 


The size of the pearls are a matter of preference, they do not affect the quality of the pearls but the price of the pearls increases with size. This is because large pearls are rarer and more difficult to cultivate. Pearls are measured in diameter increments of millimetres (mm).